Why is SAP Analytics Cloud different from other analytics solutions?

SAP is a leading software corporation which delivers ERP software to companies of different sectors from nearly 200 countries. Each SAP’s product is designed by the best specialists and adjusted to the needs of the customers. There is, therefore, no doubt that SAP Analytics Cloud is one of a kind. But what exactly makes it different from other analytics solutions? 

100% accessible in the cloud

Are you looking for an analytics solution which is not linked with installations of software or downloading of any applications? SAP Analytics Cloud is 100% located in the cloud, which means that all you need to use is a web browser. Forget about desktop applications which can take up a lot of space and be unreliable. SAP Analytics Cloud can be used anywhere you want, on any device you prefer – without downloading another application. Take advantage of all cloud’s functionalities using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and make your business activities more convenient. 

Integrated planning capabilities

SAP Analytics Cloud includes solutions both for business intelligence and planning. Using a single platform, you can analyse, budget, report, and forecast. It means that you do not have to use extra solutions for any of these activities, and everything can be done within SAP Analytics Cloud. Moving your data from many sources into a single platform will make your business activities more transparent and provide you with a real-time 360° view into all operations of your company.

Machine learning technology

New technology can support your employees in their everyday routine duties. Exploit the full potential of your staff members and help them work better, faster, and more accurate. SAP Analytics Cloud leverages machine learning technology which gives you access to in-app collaboration and Smart Assist features powered by predictive analytics. Forecast trends, make better and more confident decisions, and use new technology to run your modern business.

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