What is SAP Predictive Analytics?

To predict trends, you do not need to have a sixth sense or visit a fortune-teller. You can hire the best specialists but remember that they are only humans who need time and can make mistakes. However, you can support their work and improve the process of forecasting trends using new solutions based on machine learning technology. SAP Predictive Analytics is one of the most effective tools for business forecasting which ensures accurate and creative ideas dedicated to your company.

Make your business more predictive

Forecasting outcomes is the desired result of any analytics operations. However, to predict trends with accuracy, you should know how to use your data effectively. The gathered data is powerful only if you can benefit from them. SAP Predictive Analytics can be used at all organisational levels, e.g. by business users or analysts who deal with data in their everyday work. This tool enables you to build predictive models with an intuitive interface. To build a model, you can use any source of data, select the target, and visualise the model with no specific training in this area. 

Intuitive tool for business users and experts 

SAP Predictive Analytics includes Automated Analytics and Expert Analytics. The former can be used by any business user (even with no experience in modelling) and the latter is designed for business analysts and data scientists who are tech-savvy and trained in modelling.  SAP Predictive Analytics can be integrated with SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, or SAP Business Objects. 

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