What is SAP Digital Boardroom?

To extend your SAP Analytics Cloud, you can use SAP Digital Boardroom, which significantly improves boardroom decision-making. This handy tool helps to cooperate successfully, act in a modern way, and simplify top-level meetings. SAP Digital Boardroom works with SAP Analytics Cloud subscription but must be bought separately. What can you gain with SAP Digital Boardroom?

3 key benefits of SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom is a modern solution for your company. This easy-to-use system will simplify your everyday meetings and enhance the transparency of your activities. This way, it will improve decision-making and cooperation between your senior staff.


  • Transparency. No more small-size printed materials. Introduce to your company a solution which is modern, intuitive, and user-friendly. With SAP Digital Boardroom, you can provide your executives with real-time insight into business performance, which is truthful, accurate, and credible. 
  • Simplified conferences. Using SAP Digital Boardroom, you do not have to prepare offline materials. Thus, it is a time-saving system which let you use modern technology in your everyday work. 
  • Smarter and faster decision-making. Machine learning technology facilitates in-app collaboration, real-time analytics, forecasting of future trends, and revealing hidden insights. It supports decision-making and enhances accuracy. 


360° view of your business

SAP Digital Boardroom enables you to create dynamic, attractive, and evocative presentations which simplify the understanding of the topic. Whenever you would like, you can also run what-if analyses and ad-hoc simulations to check if the potential decisions could be successful and beneficial. This way is much more effective, inspiring, and thought-provoking than traditional meetings. Stimulate your employees using modern machine learning technology and exploit the full potential of your executives. SAP Digital Boardroom will give you a 360° view of your company and improve top-level decision-making.

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