What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Sales and Marketing departments deal every day with making business decisions. All of them are obliged not only to analyse the given data but also to predict future trends. The human-based forecasting is time-consuming and can be dubious, especially when your employees are poorly motivated. If you would like to enhance your decision-making, support your employees, and improve the accuracy of forecasting, implement SAP Analytics Cloud in your business. You can try a free 90-day trial to see how it works and how it could change your everyday activities. 

SAP Analytics Cloud for better decision-making

SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS (software as a service) Business Intelligence platform developed by SAP, a leading European software corporation. The platform is powered by SAP HANA and provides an advanced data analysis which enables companies to track up-to-the-minute updates in real time. Using SAP Analytics Cloud, you can get insight into the overall picture of the company. Therefore, your business activities can be planned more effectively, and forecasting can be more accurate. The platform is dedicated to companies which seek for one complex solution for analysing, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting. Undoubtedly, the best solutions are those which are advanced and composite, but convenient, handy, and human-oriented at the same time.


SAP Analytics Cloud for better cooperation

To make your business more consistent, you need to integrate the work of all departments. SAP Analytics Cloud enables your employees to cooperate and exchange information faster than ever before. The specialists from Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Operations departments can cooperate in real time using the information collected on a single platform. SAP Analytics Cloud combines data from any sources (e.g. spreadsheets, cloud databases, on-premise databases) and enables you to generate transparent reports. The platform is easy-to-use and can be run on any mobile device.  

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