SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud consists of two solutions: for business intelligence and for planning. Today, we will focus on SAP Analytics Cloud for planning which “allows you to link operational and financial planning processes in one collaborative enterprise platform”, as SAP encourages on its website. Sounds good? Of course, it does. Let’s explore the features of SAP’s platform designed for planning and learn about the greatest advantages of this modern solution.

Collaborative enterprise planning at the forefront

Effective planning is a result of the cooperation between many departments. Not only is the planning department involved in the process but also other members who provide the planning department with data. With SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, you can take you planning processes to the next level, simplify cooperation between departments, quicken the results, and improve decision-making. No longer must you deal with data from many sources because SAP Analytics Cloud will help you to put everything on a single platform.  Preparing, scheduling, predicting, planning, visualising, and finalising processes are the most effective when they result in real-time cooperation. 

How to link strategic, financial, and operational planning?

The company which is integrated, well-organised, and prepared for cooperation gets better results than the company which implements a separated strategy. When you integrate your strategic, financial, and operational planning, you will get real-time insight into the overall picture of the company. This solution simplifies everyday work, makes business activities clear, reduces errors, and improves decision-making. 

Is SAP Analytics Cloud available for free?

You can start your 90-day free trial and find out how SAP Analytics Cloud will improve your business planning processes. The platform is 100% located in the cloud, which means that you don’t have to download any application or software: it’s enough to use a web browser. 

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