SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence

New technology using by companies helps to evaluate and forecast business outcomes in a way unobtainable to human. Even the best specialists are only humans who can make mistakes. To avoid human-error, simplify work, and make confident business decisions, enter the world of modern analytics solutions designed for companies. One of the most advanced platforms is SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence which improves analysing data and forecasting trends. 

The most important features 

SAP Analytics Cloud consists of business intelligence, modelling, and smart transformation features. The platform allows you to work with information interactively and collect meaningful insights. Predicting business outcomes with SAP Analytics Cloud is based on gathered data and devoid of human-error risk. Therefore, you can forget about uncertainty and make business decisions with confidence, being always one step ahead of the competition. 

Each information can be prepared in the Modeler, a data modelling tool based on machine learning technology. This way, you can automatically devoid of possible errors, improve your data, and create advanced analytics data models. SAP Analytics Cloud with machine learning technology also helps to make smart transformations. To prepare your data, you can use the suggestions created on the basis of the entered information.  

Augmented Analytics 

SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence offers augmented analytics features for faster uncovering accurate and relevant insights. The machine learning technology helps to find quick answers to your questions asked in natural and simple language. With this tool, you can get fast insights into your business without specific analytics knowledge. Forecast trends faster than ever before to make confident business decisions and improve your operations. SAP Analytics Cloud is a time-saving solution which gives easy-to-understand information in real time, automatically detect errors, and ensures accurate forecasting here and now.

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