How to improve business decision-making?

Making business decisions should be supported by accurate and credible data provided by professional analysts. However, building a predictive model might be time-intensive when the process is conducted only by a human. To support your team and improve business decision-making, you should take advantage of machine learning technology which eliminates human-error risk and significantly speed up the process of delivering predictive models. One of the leading products in this area is SAP Predictive Analytics developed by SAP, a leading software enterprise from Europe. This tool can be efficiently used not only for historical data analyses but also for predicting future trends and outcomes. SAP Predictive Analytics is designed for companies that aim at improving business decision-making based on accurate data and credible forecasting.

Can machine learning replace a human factor?

Predictive analytics is part of a successful business strategy. It means that you cannot replace your analysts with machine learning technology. SAP Predictive Analytics is designed to help them fulfil their duties and quicken daily activities. This modern tool is supposed to automate decision-making, enhance smarter sales, or improve customer service. However, it is not a machine’s role to make a decision – it can only suggest the best options to choose. Therefore, the human factor is still important for deciding and making a distinction between your company and your competitors. 

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