How to get started with SAP Analytics Cloud?

Each company aims at being modern, leading, and up to date with all business activities. This is not easy to achieve, especially when the company is big and hires many employees of various specialities. To let them cooperate effectively, you need to provide them with proper tools which enable communication and exchanging information between all departments. More and more companies decide to implement SAP Analytics Cloud, a software as a service Business Intelligence platform powered by SAP HANA. However, it is an advanced, handy, and effective solution only when you know how to use it properly. To get started with SAP Analytics Cloud, you may need some professional help or guidance.

SAP Analytics Cloud for self-educators

If you would like to try SAP Analytics Cloud functionalities, you can start a free 90-day trial. All you need to do is to sign on and fill a short questionnaire. During the free trial, you can get free multi-media learning content which supports you with getting started. Moreover, you will be able to join the community forums, live events, and user groups to get help from a community of experts. SAP takes care of the newbies, and that is why you can also use a learning section available on their website. In the learning section, you will find an overview, welcome guides, blog, quick answers, playlists, videos, and webinars. The free trial includes a single user licence for both SAP Analytics Cloud for planning and SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence. 

When you need some help

Although SAP Analytics Cloud is convenient and handy, it is also complex and demands some time to learn all the functionalities. If you don’t have time for exploring the learning section by yourself or if you prefer direct contact with a tutor, the best solution is to find a company which deals with the implementation of SAP software. Not only will the experts help you to learn how to use it but also support, advise, and solve errors. 

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